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Paulina Wagner Polish artist painter

portraitist, author of the concept and technique called cityllage.


is Paulina Wagner’s unique collage technique , based on combination of acrylic painting and inscriptions - fragments of newspapers or magazines - on the canvas. Cityllage depicts both a city and people living in it, which, joined together, constitute its character.

The artistic vision is formed in contact with the architecture and atmosphere of the place, referring to its culture and to the conditions that define the space.

Paulina Wagner: "I close my eyes, I am focusing only for a moment to catch the first thought without wondering about it, and that's it, bull's eye, the essence of the place. Sometimes I make authentic colours exaggerated, but only to draw the attention to the real character of the place.”“Colour becomes an expression of emotions that arise when I think about a place, a city ".

Inspirations contained in the words come from the observation of life and show the social phenomena so characteristic of a city. They sometimes provoke second thoughts leading to the evaluation of social phenomena, but by themselves they do not constitute any analysis. The author captures what creates the character of a city, what says a lot about its inhabitants, and although sometimes she can be a little ironic, the warmth and friendliness of the artist combined with some infatuation with the place decide that an image is created.

Paulina Wagner:

"The work is addressed to people who feel good in the big city, who like modern, minimalist and industrial open spaces."

Humanities education allows her to properly evaluate reality. She graduated from the University of Lodz. The topic of her thesis was": "Picture of Rome and the papal court in the sixteenth century based on the diaries of Benvenuto Cellini".

Paulina Wagner: "I believe that a mature artist should not stand in the shadow of the masters, but should independently take responsibility for his/her current achievements."

She gives cities a unique atmosphere - unique, but also faithful to reality by linking images and words to places and phenomena closely associated with the city.

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